“Age does not matter, when true bonds entwines together.”

January 08, 2017 was my most realized day for that week.  It happened in that afternoon.  It was my grandmother’s meeting with her classmates.  They were also celebrating a birthday of their classmate.  I was part of that meeting and birthday party because my grandmother requested me that I should come with her to accompany her so that if ever she will tripped or just fall down, I will be there to escort her and take good care of her.  My cousins and aunts tease me that I will be the bodyguard of my grandmother for today and I should clean my “45 caliber gun”.  We have laugh out loud because of that joke.  Anyway, during the meeting of the elders, I saw that they were laughing and giving stories to stories for everyone to hear.  It was an hour full of laughter and rekindling of memories.  They were also discussing about the news that they heard either in t.v. or in radio.  It is all about the Duterte, Trump, and other topics that are hot and melting.  In my shocked and amusement, one of her classmate that I know was their auditor also took a selfie of the two of us in her phone.  When they started to depart and leave, they now made another meeting date for the next month because they meet once a month.  During that moment, there was also one elderly that I helped to walked outside the subdivision. I was supposed to help my grandmother but she already put her free hand in the shoulder of her classmate and so, her other classmate asked for my help and I gave it to her.

Even if they were not in my age, I feltlike they were still kids and teens. The way that they talked and laugh with one another was like a flower blooming in the sun’s beautiful ray.  They were full of memories.  They had been through tough times and joyful ones.  They also make me feel that even though they are now few and old, they still wants to be strong, to be young once more and bond with everyone.  To those who can still walk and communicate can still attend their meetings and join in the fun of their silly and amusing jokes, laughter and stories.  I was also shocked that some of them are still remembering some of there memories back then despite their old age. One of her classmate, which was the auditor still wears a stiletto. A tall high heeled shoe.  Every one of us was afraid that maybe she will tripped and break her bones because of the stilettos but she did not mind us and reminds us that she still can wear it and strong willed.

  As for my realization, growing up is inevitable.

We will still grow old each day even if we try to avoid it and if we do not want to.  Friends will be there with us.  They will be traveling the same journey that we trek but experiencing different obstacles in different paths.  Living life to the fullest is the only thing we can and must do.  Therefore, we have to find our purpose and let God guide us in our path.  He is the only one who can and will provide us satisfaction.


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