“Respect is easy to give but if done wrongly, it is harder to achieve.”

Last year, December 25, 2016, Sunday, was my most realized day of that week.  It was in the late afternoon that I received a message from my best friend saying that she was being pestered by a guy in the social media site called, facebook.  I told her who was that guy and asked to send me the link of his profile to me and to send me a screenshot of the things the boy keeps on telling her.  I also added that she should block that guy.  I ask her why does that boy kept on bugging her .  I saw that the guy was molesting my best friend asking to have a video call and to let my best friend see such atrocious stuff done by him.  After I have seen the screenshot, I went to his profile and saw that he was studying in a prestigious school and has mutual friends with other Claretians.

I was very irritated and pissed that my best friend had a memory like this.  It was also my first time to encounter such a thing.  I wish he would not do such things to other girls again.  I cannot believe that there is a guy like this, so persistent because it was been his doing for the past years but this month he really went out of the line in getting what he wants in a sexual way.  Therefore, I decided to message him and told him some stuff.  I also added that what he did was very disrespectful and non-gentlemen like.  He should be ashamed of himself because no girl will like to be with him if he will continue his malicious deeds.  I also I asked myself why are some guys like him, are like that?  I know not every guys were like him but some.  I do think that he was well educated because he was studying in ADZU for pete sake.  However, it was ruining his name.  Not all girls want to be treated that way, to be treated as if some object that for a guy to play mentally, physically and sexually.  It was disrespectful for us decent and moral young women.

As for my realization, girls should really defend themselves against sexually harassment and the like. We are human beings that needs to be treated well and be respected.

In addition to my realization, not all guys have good intention to a girl.  Some wants to love a girl because they wanted to be laid or what and will leave if he is already satisfied.  Never be deceived by looks and words because this leads life to a certain disaster.


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