“Do not be content when it did not happen yet.  Anything can arise, so expect the unexpected.”

February 18, 2017 was my most realized day for the week because I had found out that the cocktail dress that I rented was not the design the way I had imagined it to be.  The day that we went to the boutique shop was February 5, 2017. The designer told me that there was a champagne cocktail dress that was almost finished. The only thing that needs to be done was to design the dress. I fell head over heels to that dress. So I told my mother that it was the dress that I wanted to wear. He measured my size and told us that the color of the designed would be black so that I would look smaller and I did not feel offended or insulted but I appreciated his gesture about that. Before we left the shop, he told us to pick up the dress on February 16, 2017 because on that day the dress was already finished.

In February 15, my best friend told me to first contact the shop to inquire what time would the shop be closed because on the 16th was still a weekday and school day.  I called and the designer who was the one, answering.  I told him about the dress and the closing  time of the shop. But suddenly, he told me that the dress was not yet done and on that moment I felt nervous but I still had hope that the dress would be ready before the event.  He now told me to pick up the dress on the 18th of February.  Then, that decisive moment came. After lunch, my father and I went to the shop after lunch, and arrived at the boutique but the designer was not there but only his employees.  One of the girls asked for the receipt and so I gave it to her, she then held out a champagne cocktail dress but it did not have a black design in its waist.  I told the girl that it was not the cocktail that I rented because I knew and remembered that the designer told me the design would be black. Therefore, I insisted that it was not the dress.  Hours came by and we waited for the designer to come; however, he did not show up only his secretary. We then discussed what really had happened and she told me that the dress was already finished earlier yet, black was not suitable for a champagne dress. So, the designer replaced the design with a more suitable color. After wearing the dress, I eventually decided to use the dress for the event last night and it was a blast!

I cut short the narrative event of that day because it was far away from my quote above.  Do you know the feeling of being satisfied and happy then misery and nervousness came crushing into you?  It is like a roller coaster ride going up and down, fast and slow. I was already happy about the idea that I already had something to wear for the event but what happened to me last Saturday was a reflection for me because, I did not pay any attention to the dress and I had thought that there was no problem. I never imagined that I would be attacked by unexpected and left me in my disorganized and jumbled thoughts of what to do next.  It was really hard for me to think and make a decision if I am not focused and at peace because it distracts my mind and makes me an angry person. The side of me which I do not like.

Although what happened to me back then showed that, not all the time everything will be set according to plan. Because, we have different decisions to make and so does him,  but we must also think that there would always be a time when the unexpected things happened and

I realized that even after we have put the responsibility  and our trust to the other person, it still does not mean that we should leave our backs unprotected.


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