“Read not with your eyes, but understand with your mind.”

February 01, 2016, Wednesday, was my most realized day because I received my test paper in English 112. It was our last subject for that day and I did not expect that my score would be below the passing score.  I checked my paper to review where I had mistakes.  These mistakes might seem small but it holds huge impact in the percentage of my score.  It was in test three that I had invalid answers because I did not follow the direction for that test.

I tried to check whether my small letters can be regarded as capital letters but unfortunately, my letter “c” was only considered.  I did not know what happened there but I always read the directions and instructions before answering.  However, I guess I really did not put some attention to it and that is why I forgot what must be done.

During that hour, I only felt shocked and disappointment to my score, to my brain and to myself.  I could not believe that I did not follow the direction when I know and I can recall that I have read that imperative sentence.  I also remembered that on the day of the exam, I was not in a good emotional state because of what happened a day, an hour before the exam that lingered in my mind and I think that it also affected my mentality to focus.

In that day, I realized that when going into a makeshift exam battlefield; never ever go with an unsteady heartbeat and a broken heart because it will be the reason for your death.

Just like what happened to me.  I did not only fail one subject but I also failed two major subjects.  I also concluded that, the heart and the mind should be in sync with each other because a good harmony will lead you to success.  There is also a saying of, “follow your heart, but bring your brain with you.”


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