“Camping in the grounds of the school feels like camping outside the campus.”

January 27 and January 28 was my most realized days during this week.  It showed me that despite of the age and year gap everyone could still enjoy and learn together.  I realized that not all school-related activities are dull, plain and boring some are heavenly fun and active.  Just like in our day-to-day lives, all days are neither your bright sunny days nor your cloudy rainy days.  Even how pathetic and stupid we are sometimes only our life creates a balance of memories and experiences for us.  Maybe we might feel that almost every single day is our hard day but after that, it will be our happy days because in life, everything is fair and balance whether you like it or not.

During these days, it was the in-school science camp with the theme, “AGRInnovate Revolutionizing Agriculture Outlook for Sustainable Growth.” I went to my best friend’s house to take a bath because may house is very far from the school.  I also ate my dinner in their house. After that, we went to school to register and assemble our tent.  My father also came by to school to hand me my things for the overnight camp.  After everyone was done assembling their tents, we made our way to the gym and ask sir Jobert about the things that we should do as facilitators and we also help set up the gym for the campers.  The staring program was grouping the campers in their respective groups and letting them create their own banner and their team yell.  The next part of the activities is that we gathered the campers infront of the senior high building for the audio visual presentation prepared by the science department after the videos, everyone was given a candle to create the logo of the theme.  For the next day, the campers was very early to wake up and take turns for their baths. Sir Chum was also present in the morning activity to be the dance instructor for zumba.  Everyone was sweating and moving their body happily. There were two speakers present for the second morning session for the campers. Both of them had their own thoughts and topics encircling the theme.  For the last activity which was held in the afternoon was the amazing race.  Everyone was expecting this activity because this is the most exciting part in camping.  The final program announce which group won to this year’s science camp after the program we bid my goodbyes to the camper, to the teachers and to the other facilitators that took part in the event.

I volunteered to be one of the facilitators for this year’s camp and it was my first time to be part of a camp because I did not join any camps in my previous years.  I never thought that camping would be very fun. It felt like I was camping in another country even though it was held in school.  It was hard to be honest, living away from your home, your bed and sleeping in a tent only by a thin linens of cloth for your body and a small pillow for your head.  Although it was not hot inside because I brought my 2 in 1 fan with me.  I was very tired and I thank it for that because I sleep easily despite the condition of the weather and my very small tent. However, for an overall rate of my experiences and feelings, I would like to give it 11 because what matters most is I enjoyed the camp and I did not regret joining the event.


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