“Life is short. It must be filled with happiness and special challenging moments to live a life to the fullest before its too late.”

The most realized day for me was the night of January 10, 2017. The night when everyone had lost a friend, brother, and father.  During that night, we were so happy that our former teacher, Sir Jessie have increased his heart rate and blood pressure.  Everyone was expecting that Sir Jessie will win the fight of his life and so did I, because everyone knows that sir Jessie was a fighter and have never given up in any challenges and problems that he had faced.  We were also positive that the Lord was listening to our prayers and request that Sir Jessie will recover that traumatic accident.  However, he was already taken by God to his side.  He had given up fighting and we accepted it, because we thought that he needs to rest now because he was tired. It was hard to know that he passed away.

I saw him like a friend and a father outside the four walls of the classroom.  We had also spent time and memories together especially last year.  Even to this day, I just feel like I cannot believe that he is gone.  I cannot think that I would not hear his loud voice again and to see him everyday in the campus.

Because of what happened, I realized that we could not dictate how long we will live and we cannot predict when we will die.

We cannot change the time but we can change our present.

Time does move fast but we move slowly to cherish every passing moments.  However, if we move faster than the time, it might cost us the moments and memories that could have been our happiness.


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