“Love binds two persons.  It entwines two strangers to find boundless happiness inside the challenging rubble of life.”

Last year, December 23, 2016, was my most realized day this week.  In that morning, I had not attended the Aguinaldo mass, because I was sick and during that hour, I had thought that there was something special for ththat day that I forgot but I am trying to remember and alas!  That day was my parents’ wedding anniversary.  I got up from bed when I felt a little better and I turned our computer desktop to print out the stm113 problem sets that symbolize our Christmas present from our science instructor.  As I was printing, my parents got home from the church.  They asked me if I was okay and if I was feeling better now.  I told them yes.

During that moment, I told them if today was there anniversary, my mother answered me with a yes.  As I observed, the two of them getting ready for their work, I notice that both of them seems cheery, happy and laughing with each other.  I thought it was because of their anniversary that the day was their most significant and special day for they vowed with each other the, “in sickness and in health, and ‘till death do us part.” phrases.  As they  were about to leave, I saw them kiss each other in the cheeks and the lips with my mother’s lipstick making a mark in my father’s cheek and they greeted me goodbye.

I was awed by the love of my parents.  They are now 26 years of happily married.  They had raised two daughters that both are unique and different from everyone else.  I am proud to have my mother and father as my parents, because not all marriages or family are happy, some ended up with an annulment or worse, divorce.  It felt like, to have a wonderful long happy marriage is not having the perfect marriage.  The perfect marriage that is made of no mistakes, no quarrels, and an acting love is not true marriage.  Instead, a marriage that knows each other’s flaws, forgiveness, humility, love and trust is the perfect one. Now for me, I do think that to keep a marriage alive is to have most of your time with the family.  Get to know each member.  Be at each other’s back and give your unending support.  Moreover, marriage is like the first love you felt.  The first time you touch and held his/her hand and felt secured and contented.  The first time you stare to the eyes of your love and felt, you are home.  You are loved.

As for my realization, marriage is not about how long you have been together.  It is about how much you have known each other’s differences and how strong you were in a relationship during the times of trials and problems as a couple.

It was never been about the years.  It was always about the love, trust and support you gave.

Although, quarrels changes our perspective, but as long as you know how to forgive, your love will sail further.


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