“Unexpected planning comes with unexpected scenarios”

Last year, 16th of December, was the day I brought my gifts to my female recipients from different groups that I had, because I want this year to be different.  I want to give more than I could offer and to receive less.  These groups are, the basketball girls (including Sir Larry V.), the HTBS, KKFG, Classroom and to a person who is very dear to me, my best friend.  In the morning of that day, there was a program in the school for Christmas.  Pupils, teachers, parents and students like me have gathered to the fruitful event to cheer, to support and to be entertained.  During those moments, I decided that later in the afternoon I would roam around the city proper to search for gifts, so that by tomorrow, I would buy them.  Suddenly, my best friend’s mother called me in my phone, asking to talk to her daughter. After the phone have returned to me, my best friend ask me if I would go to the city proper, I answered her yes and she invited me to go with her there, eventually, I did.  As we went to the city proper, we were so hungry so we went to the Mindpro to eat at the food court.  While eating, her mother arrived and waited for us to finish.  My best friend fill out the information to her mom of how, why, and what I am doing and I ask her mom if I could join them to search and buy gifts.  In the end, her mother and my best friend were the ones who bought my gifts rather than me.

I was glad, blessed and thankful at the same time because I have someone who had help me buy gifts to my “manitas”, because I have no idea what to give them.  Although, her mother offers me to buy material things that are practical and usable every day of my manitas.  She also taught me to buy gifts that are less expensive so that I could buy other gifts as well.  It was incredible and unexpected because I have not thought that I would be accompanied to search and buy gifts because as I said earlier, I will roam around alone.  Even though, I am happy that I was not alone to buy gifts in the crowded places and that was something new this Christmas.  However, the most important lesson that I have learned was that, small amount of gifts that can be used every single day is practical rather than spending your money on material things that are no use to the recipient.

I realized as I was on my way home that, we are not aware of what is to come in our way.

Even how well prepared we are, there will always be that one small hole of unexpectedness in our daily lives.

However, because of that small hole, it gives life the unexpected turns that could either be an up or down scenario. It just made me realize from the situation I have that as a giver, we should not just pick objects that are eye appealing but rather useful to the gifted.  When the next Christmas arrives, I will use what I have learned from her mom so that I will not lack money and overspend too much.


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