“Secrets are meant to be said out loud.”

 December 09, 2016, last year, was my most realized day for that week.  It was the last day for us to decorate our classroom for the Christmas room decoration contest.  Good thing though that the whole afternoon was our free time.  My best friend and I was assign to create an arch frame outside the door.  During creating the bricks out of the small boxes, my phone was use to have a background music while we decorate our room.  Out of nowhere, my classmates were shocked to hear the songs that were playing because the genres of the songs are more on an upbeat, hip-hop and funky songs.  They did not expected that from me and it is fine with me, because they do not know anything about me.  I told them that I use the songs for our audiovisual presentation in Filipino and I was not really into that music.  Suddenly my best friend blurted out that I play those songs in the bathroom and dance with it.  My action stops, because I just felt an invisible slap in my face.  I told them and to her that I do not and be quiet but she still keeps on saying it.  Until everyone was laughing and so, I am but I just forced myself to laugh with everyone.

 I was hurt and betrayed about the action she just did.  I did not know that she would do that.  I have no idea that she just blurted out what I told her months ago.  She was the only person I tell about everything inside my mind except my feelings and emotions because I really cannot formulate my sentence and words in my head and I cannot even say it out loud because it will just get stuck in my throat.  Anyway, she is my best friend after all.  It just sucks to know that some of your secrets and private thoughts are in danger and fragile.  It felt like she just stabbed me with a thousand knives and it disturbed me because what if she would do it again?  What if she will spill again?  This thought bothers me, so few days had passed and I ask her why she did that.  She told me that she was just joking and did not really intended to hurt me or offend me.  She was sorry for the action she did and I felt guilty for accusing her that she will do it again, but I forgive her because everyone deserves to have second chances.

I realized that, even though this happened, she was still my sister.  I still trust her, because we all make mistakes here and there.

We are not perfect, we have our own flaws and that makes us unique and perfect.

Without mistakes and flaws, we are not learning and adapting to our society especially towards other people.  Change is not a negative action; it just means that you are wise.  You are aware of your mistakes and so you use what you have learned in the future to keep you away from harm if the same situation happened again.


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