“Anything is possible when you have the heart to do it.”

December 02, last year, was my most realized day.  It was the day of reading of honors.  I was happy because I was part of it, that I was going to receive a certificate.  It may only be a piece of paper but it was something special to me.  Receiving a paper like that was a delightful feeling like eating a bowl full of rock road ice cream.  It was an honor for me to be recognize because of the hard work and effort that I have been through for the last semester.  But the point of me telling about this was because during the program, as I was seated next to my best friend, she asked me why did I became studious this school year, if there was something to do about the section I was before and the two of us separating from each other.  I answered her yes there was something to do about the changed of my section and the separation of me to her caused me to be studious this school year.

Before I became like the studios I am today,  I do not have any care about my grades because every year I was still part of the pilot class.  However, because of what happened last year, I was in deep pain and I regret the choices I had made last year.  It hit me that I should proved to the admin that I do not deserve to be in the other section, which I deserve to be in, was the section with my best friend.  It made me the hardworking student I am now.  I always give my best to everything to anything.  I get frustrated if I get low scores in a quiz or diagnostic test, because I did my very best. But, that very best was not good enough because I still acquire a score like that.  Now, that I am with my best friend, I promised to myself that I would never be timid and lazy that I will not stop until I can get what I want.  In addition, I want to be with my best friend because separating from her was like living incomplete and utterly alone in a crowded room.  I do not want to feel that ever again.

I realized in that day that if you want something you should do everything you could to achieve it.  Even if you will literally spill your blood and sweat to acquire, then do it.  If it makes you happy then you have your own free will to do it.  You are who you are and no one has the right to stop you or block your way.  You deserve a reward for every achievement you make.  Decisions and choices really make up your whole life.  It is like the story of a farmer and a couch potato lifestyle.

A farmer wakes up early to plow his fields to plant and gets a healthy field of veggies.  While a couch potato does not do anything than sitting, lying down in his couch and watching TV and of course, he does not deserve to get something by sitting down.

  I would like to be like the farmer, I hardworking, obedient farmer who plows his way to achieve a great outcome that he wants for his life.


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