My most realized day for this week is, November 23, 2016, Wednesday.  This is my most realized day for this week because I had discovered that friendship is forever.  Relationship that is not real and true do not last long but true friendship stays for a lifetime and does not end.  You can never buy or sell friends, because they are special and unique creatures that does not worth any coins that a human can acquire in this world.  However, a pure and loyal heart can gain a friend that is a genuine and true.

It was the “Friendsary” of my best friend and me, a combination of friendship and “monthsary”.  Monthsary is a combination of months and anniversary, which means it is celebrated every month.  As I recalled, last year, this was the day that we first talked the whole day and night, until we fall to sleep around two in the morning!  It was fun times to be honest.  The nights that was not full of requirements to be made.  We usually and always talked to each other a lot.  It was as if our stories never end.  Our endless topics that we discuss which was funny and entertaining.

As I walked to school, I saw a fried banana selling in the sidewalk, just like the past few days, I brought four pieces of it.  Two bananas for me and for my best friend to satisfy our hunger.  I know she will like it because it is her favorite fruit after all.  When I got to my classroom, I placed her bananas inside her table just as I usually do and waited for her arrival.

As she entered the room, I realized that I had found my not-so-biological-twin.  Seeing her causes me to smile because we have this bond between her and I, because just by seeing each other’s eyes, we can communicate without verbal words and that is special, very special.

As I went home and the sun was about to set, I realized that my day will not be complete without the laugh and smile of my best friend.  It was like; we are so close we are like sisters from different parents.  It is so fun to be around her.  I feel comfortable and protected and that is the positive effect of a friend.  The feeling of being loved not because of being in a relationship but knowing that someone knows how much special and good-hearted you are, someone who knows your imperfections and flaws, someone who is willing to sacrifice their time just like you would do to help.

I concluded that, you do not need to be in a relationship just so you can love and be loved back.

You need to look around to see the people who are looking out for you, taking care of you secretly and loving you in silence because not all relationships are perfect and has a happy ending. Sometimes, it ends drastically and worse of all, the feeling of being broken.


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