Yesterday, November 19,2016, Saturday, was my most realized day in this week.  In this day, I have a game to attend and an audiovisual presentation to make with my group both to be done in the morning and in the afternoon, me and my best friend will have ourselves some fun time like, watching the new movie in the cinema and do some window shopping like we always do together.  In my morning, I was very tired and exhausted and tired and exhausted again.  I was also frustrated because my team lost the game. I have to admit I highly considered the virtue of sportsmanship but in that hour, I got off the edge of my temper and I totally lost it.  I even accidentally mistreated my best friend in that time and I really regret it but still, she wants to hangout with me.

Nevertheless, before we had separated our ways to go home, she found out what I  hid from everyone in my phone. I expected that she would be disappointed and shocked but somehow she just laughed very hard in my face that she made the sound of a pig while laughing.  It was very funny and cute that caused all of my exhaustion and frustrations to leave for I had laughed very hard too.

I cannot say that my week had been beautiful and happy but it is fine at least.  I have always been independent in my life.  I had never expected from someone else because it would just give me disappointment, anger, and it makes me feel weak to expect something from someone.  However, all this workload of school had been increasing day by day but even if it was, everything seems to be afloat because I have someone besides me, supporting me and making me be the happiest in the best way possible.

I am glad actually, blessed even, that God gave me a gift of a friend, my best friend.  It made me realized that some of the times we need someone with us, to make us feel we are not alone in this world, that every hardship that we will take on, we will not feel any difficulty to surpass it because there is someone in our back that will protect us.  They are here to make us happy in our down times.

Therefore, people that we met had a purpose in our life. It only depends on how we treated them, because it all comes to an unending choices.  Everyone deserves to have a real true friend.  Everyone deserves to have someone who is the other half of us because being alone makes you cold-hearted, being anti-social makes you brood and it all leads to unhappy and unsatisfied life.


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