Today, November 12, 2016, Saturday, is my most realized experience this week.  My schedule for this day was somehow hectic and complicated.  It might be complicated but when a person is important, you eventually can and will make time for that person.  Time management is important to me and I considered it always.  I cannot let go of the plans I already planned for this day because it will ruin my activities.  It will jeopardize my comfort and ability to manage my time because, every second of my time is important and cannot put to waste.  Eventually, for this day, it was jeopardize because of a missed call from someone and that someone is my mother.

My day started beautifully, I woke up in a good mood and I found it relaxing because waking up in a smile in my face was unusual for me these past few days but this day was different.  I realized that, spending the time to someone who is very close and dear to you could really change your mood, your perspective and energy and that someone is my best friend.  She told me last night that she will watch my game and after it, we can spend the day in having fun.  I was excited about it.  Just like what I said above, my day is already full.  I had a game in the morning and  I need to go to school for some meeting and practice.  I have to eat my lunch and I had to buy a new notebook while spending the time with my best friend.  Although, this day is fun but there will be its down slope.

I have not realized that my mother, called  me.  I did not felt my phone vibrated nor ringed, because I was lost in the bliss of happiness with my best friend.  When, I finally got the chance to hold my phone, there I saw that she already left me with twenty-two missed calls.  A very bright small box of “Twenty-two missed calls” flashed in my screen.  It terrified the whole of me because getting a missed call, especially from your mother is a nightmare in real life.  There, I called her, why she contacted me.  She told me to, that at two in the afternoon we would attend a wedding celebration and a five in the afternoon  was the time for the dinner in a given venue.  She told me, I should head straight to the venue. After a few minutes, my mother called again and said, we will attend the mass matrimony.

It kind of broke my heart, because we had a good time together and I want it to last. Until, at the end of the day, but realization hit me. Every day, the sun rises and the sun sets.  It hurts but I had obeyed my mother because after all, she is my mother even how the world revolves around the sun.  She will always be my mother and I will always be her daughter by blood and flesh.

Therefore, I realize that today, even how well you planned your day, there will be the hour that you need to make fast and wise choice because time is important.  Time is gold as they said it.


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